About Us

Mishler Alpaca Farms are family owned and operated. It’s a hands on operation where we do it all. We are quickly building our alpaca business to be the complete package. Offering a large line of hand made alpaca merchandise, a wide variety of services including breeding, boarding, shearing and by having the recourses to guide personal herd development we hope to fulfill all your alpaca needs. We sell our alpacas, their fleece and the yarn made from it. Our luxurious 100% alpaca hand made products are warm soft and guaranteed to impress.

With our focus on advanced fiber at the heart of our operation, Mishler Alpaca Farms is aimed at success. We are striving to bring maximum results to our breeding program with both rare and well known bloodlines. Each breeding choice is made with the goal of  the most improvement and consistency in fleece while keeping in mind lineage. Our herd sires were chosen because of their advanced fleece characteristics and their ability to improve upon dams.

At Mishler Alpaca Farms we are dedicated to learning and self improvement. We show this by the constant advancement of our herd, and our growing ability to serve a wide verity of alpaca needs and desires.